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"Nevernight" Book Review

May 6, 2019

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F*ck Marriage Book Review

May 19, 2019


Whenever Tarryn Fisher releases a new book, I have to drop everything and read it immediately. My soul craves her stories and her words - she's that good. 

Billie had it all; a handsome husband, the successful blog they started together, and an exciting life in New York City. But after her husband cheats on her with one of their employees, Billie leaves the city she loves as well as her business. Now, two years later, Billie returns to New York and to her blog, where her husband and his now-finance still work. Things are about to get awkward. But that's okay with Billie, because she is actually back for revenge. But Billie's life long friend, Satcher, is hoping to show her there is more to life than what's in the past. 

This book did not disappoint me. It had Tarryn Fisher's signature writing style - poetic and addictive. I was hooked on the story, in love with the characters, and enthralled by the way Tarryn Fisher made me feel like I was right there in New York City. This book had a lot of twists and I was there for all of it. My favourite thing about Tarryn Fisher's books is how complex her characters are. They make me angry and sometimes they even make me throw the book across the room, but I still root for them and fall in love with them every time. This book was no exception. It's a book about love - the loss of old love and finding new love. I (obviously) gave F*ck Marriage 5/5 stars and highly recommend it to everyone. 

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