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"Nevernight" Book Review

May 6, 2019

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"Nevernight" Book Review

May 6, 2019


I finally read this highly praised book! And I am here to tell you that the hype surrounding this book is completely 100% true. 

This is an adult fantasy book. I will have list of trigger warnings at the end of this post. 

In this series, we follow Mia Corvere, a young assassin-in-training. In this first instalment of the series, we meet Mia, a sixteen year old girl who has been training as an apprentice to an older assassin. Her master sends her to attend a prestigious assassin training school called The Church. But Mia soon realizes that this could be the most dangerous mission of her short life. The professors are crazy, the students are vicious, and someone has started murdering students. Mia can only trust herself  and the small group of friends she acquires at The Church.

This book was definitely the best adult fantasy book I have ever read. It was very easy to follow as well. It read almost like a young adult fantasy, but a lot more graphic. A lot of times in adult fantasy, the authors focuses more on the world building than the actual character development, but Jay Kristof managed to do both beautifully. I fell in love with the characters in this book, and I'm sure you will too. The world and setting was also vastly superior to a lot of books I've read recently. The setting is based on ancient Rome and Venice, and the magical elements are very cool and well developed. 

I gave Nevernight 4.5/5 stars. 

TW: physical assault, violence, death, gore, torture


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