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"Nevernight" Book Review

May 6, 2019

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"When Life gives You Demons" Book Review

January 10, 2019


Continuing on with the spooky theme for October, my next read was When Life Gives you Demons. I found this book very cute and enduring. 

Shelby is just a normal teenager trying to live a normal life. Except her Uncle is an exorcist and is training her to be one as well. 

I really enjoyed this. It was interesting to see a teenager trying to juggle this life-altering gift her uncle is trying to teach her and the fact that she just wants a normal life. The book was also really humorous, as you can kind of tell from the cover and title, but also had some deep moments as well. I really enjoyed this for a fun read. I gave When Life Give you Demons 4/5 stars. 


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