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"Nevernight" Book Review

May 6, 2019

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"Misery" Book Review

January 10, 2019


Okay, so Stephen King is one of my favourite authors and I honestly really thought I had read this before and decided it was time for a re-read. Good thing because turns out, I don't think I ever finished this book the first time I read it!

Paul Sheldon is a popular author who gets into an accident because of a blizzard. Luckily for him, he is rescued by a woman named Annie Wilkes, who used to be a nurse and conveniently has medical supplies and an alarming amount of pain killers in her isolated home. Unlucky for him, Annie happens to be his #1 fan and would do anything to keep Paul in her home for as long as possible, maybe even forever. 

This book really blew me away. I knew it would, but the fact that this book even exists brings me joy. Is that weird?

When I was younger, I watched the movie and it became an instant favourite, so why should the book be any different right? Stephen King's writing is just so detailed and his characters and settings are so flushed out that you feel like you're right there, suffering alongside his characters. Misery was no exception, of course. It is now my new favourite of all the King novels that I have read so far. I gave Misery 5/5 stars.  

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