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"Nevernight" Book Review

May 6, 2019

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"Final Girls" book review

December 15, 2017


When I first finished this book, I was slightly disappointed. But in the days after I finished the book, I could not stop thinking about it and all the details that made it great. I have since given it a higher rating because I really did love it. I gave it a lower rating originally because it wasn't what I was expecting or what I was in the mood to read, but I actually loved this book the more I thought about it. 

In this book, we follow Quincy, a woman who was the only survivor of a terrible massacre ten years ago. Now, Quincy is trying to live a normal life and thinks she's accomplished it. That is, until Samantha, another lone survivor of a different massacre, shows up and starts to make Quincy question everything about herself and her past. 

The ending of this book actually shocked me. It was a twist I did not see coming for sure. 

Old rating: 3.5/5

New rating 4.5/5

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